What normally goes on

You can expect a warm welcome and calming atmosphere as you take your seat for this fascinating cultural evening. Relax to the meditational music and be inspired by the insights of the artistic presentations. Dances, talks, short films, theatre and music express the beauty, wisdom and love of this timeless tradition of devotional yoga.

After the stage show a delicious meal of vegetarian and vegan dishes is shared with everyone freely. Colourful stalls of books, incense, gifts, displays and info are available in the foyer to browse. We’re confident our guests will experience inner satisfaction and an awakening of immense value on one’s personal onward quest towards peace and contentment.

Is it free - free food?

To make this experience open to all we do not charge for the event or the meal after the show. Those who can, may wish to volunteer a donation – but there’s no pressure. In most cultures - actually worldwide - it’s a tradition to feed guests and in many places the food is first cooked and offered with love and gratitude to the source: nature, the universe, the creator or the Supreme. In this case Krishna is offered the foods and this act of devotion closes the karmic cycle and neutralises the material effect such that the food takes on the quality of spirit rather than matter.

It’s a bit like the electrical power from a source being used to heat or to cool depending on how the engineer adjusts it. So matter can be re-spiritualized if utilised in recognition of the Supreme source instead of grabbing it for our separated calculations of enjoyment. This mindfulness naturally enhances respect for the environment, the planet and other living creatures. Even the dinner here is full of meaning and relished amongst thoughtful people.

Our kitchen team is run by our partner charity Food For All who not only supply sanctified food for these cultural evenings and for thousands at Glastonbury Festival but also freely distribute 5,000 hot veggie meals daily for students, homeless people or anyone else who wants to try some in London and other UK locations. This represents the sharing of spiritual love.

Who is Hare Krishna

Hare and Krishna are Sanskrit words referring to the supreme absolute truth, the original spiritual entity. Beyond our own temporary physical identity we exist as individual persons on the platform of conscious. We are minute fragmental parts of the complete whole or the Supreme Personality. Krishna refers to the Supreme energetic and Hare to the Superior, spiritual energy. We are part and parcel of that spiritual energy; we’re like molecules of sunshine – emanating from the sun. But individual personality free from material mis-identification does not mean becoming void or impersonal for it is spirit which animates dead matter, compelling the composition of form and giving life to the body. The energetic principle of living consciousness is individual and personal, without it the physical frame is dead, lifeless and without character or movement.

As much as we have always been the same unique entity within, experiencing the body of a baby, a child, a youth, a middle-aged or an elderly vehicle as time goes on; similarly our existence does not cease upon the death of the mortal coil. It’s simply another change of body. We continue to live and our subtle karma and mentality move us on to a new birth, a new covering and set of bodies to carry out our desires, suffering and enjoying. The repeated cycle of birth, old age, disease and death – known as samsara – can be overcome if we become enlightened and spiritually awakened to our real identity; that is the path of bhakti yoga or Krishna consciousness.